Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer 2011

I'm ba-a-a-a-a-ck! I've been dealing with a lot of life-lemons. Now, I have more questions than answers. What's going on with this battle over the Debt? It's interesting, but, c'mon guys - you need to talk truth to each other!

The blistering weather is getting everybody whipped into a frenzy. People drive weirdly (is that a word?), sometimes they're rude, sometimes they're overly polite (what's up with that?), at any rate, they are strange. Our little wild birds sit with feathers ruffled and beaks open. We are going to put our sprinkler hose out for them. They will love it! I may join them . . .

Our oldest grandson is playing at the Muny (Municiple Opera for those who don't know St. Louis). He has displayed his talent in two productions so far with one to go. I have loved seeing him on that huge stage, singing with such joy. What a rush for his grandmom!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I submit that machines could very well take over the world and kill us all. I have been laboring over trying to reinstall a printer after changing the way it is set up to network with the computer. I changed it - temporarily, mind you - to USB so it could accompany me to a place far away from its Wifi connection and still be used. It was so pissed at me it wouldn't work. Okay. I went about reinstalling it to the Wifi connection. No. It was going to punish me. It is five days later and the rotten thing still won't communicate with the computer. Change I can believe in, all right.

I'm too tired to try again and my left eye is twitching so badly that it is giving a better performance than the police chief' eye  in the Pink Panther movies. Arrrrrrrrgh!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Renewing old friendships

It's always a strange moment when you see someone you haven't seen for many, many (make it decades!) years. That's what happens when you go back to a high school reunion. We mostly didn't know each other without squinting at name tags. We had to dig for things to talk about -  the past - all the escapades we shared and classes we were in. We danced to the music of our era, consumed food and wine, laughed, the photographer snapped the required group picture. Some of us were very ill, some wealthy, some not so wealthy, many divorced, some widowed. We all bore scars, visible or invisible. Realizing that, we began to recognize each other. Not for the fresh-faced kids we'd been but for the seasoned actors on our own individual stages we had become. 

And so we parted, promising that we wouldn't let it be so long before we got together again. It was a necessary lie.  

Friday, September 12, 2008

Matson, Cartoonist to the Dolts

Having read the St. Louis Post Democrat - oh, sorry, Dispatch - this morning I came across the decidedly talent-bereft political cartoonist, Matson's latest excrement. He shows his version of a McCain caricature as the Joker from Dark Knight, smearing lipstick (now, where did he come up with that idea?) on a twisted face. Here's my thought: I am past the last ounce of tolerance for the "media" trying to influence elections. Is there a newspaper left in the USA that simply reports? This newspaper mentioned above is so slanted that they have lost their equilibrium entirely. I think the editorial staff and writers have leaned left so long that it feels normal. One can only hope they collapse into obscurity soon.

The MSM interview with Gov. Sarah Palin on 9/11/08 was another expos√© of the "media." If anyone saw the expression on Charlie Gibson's face and believed he was doing his best to be neutral . . . well, you have more problems than just your eyesight. I loved how Gov. Palin called him "Charrr-lie" after her answer to each of his clumsy attempts to entrap her. That was no interview. It was an attempted ambush. Thing is, Gov. Palin was able to stand taller than Charrr-lie and he knew it. She never lost her cool. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's my comment on the current "lipstick" bruhaha: Nobama would not have paused (covering his face from embarrassment? fear? chickensh*ttedness?) for the laugh after "You can put lipstick on a pig," if there was no intent to slam Gov. Sarah Palin. His handlers had it all planned. They now protest "You have to watch the whole clip!" No, I don't. He waited for the laugh from the democrats in the audience who are probably too dumb to know it's an old expression meaning you can't dress something up and make believe it's something else. 

And the stinky fish? Now, let's see . . . Sarah Barracuda???? Nah. He couldn't mean that.

Well, you can put lipstick on Nobama, but he's still Jimmy Carter. . .  

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is a portrait of Chlo√©. 
She has more personality than many democrats I know. 
But I suspect she is a closet democrat herself.

Heart to Hart, the third

Heart to Hart, the third

Gawr! How does a person get a better font??

That's a great big YESSSSS for Sarah Palin! She's going to do okay for us. 

A friend - well, I'd like to say she is, just sent the garbage that ol' Glo Steinem wrote. So much for getting behind women who break out of the mold. Bitter, bitter, bitter . . .

Seems like most of my friends are leftists/democrats. Where, oh, where did I go wrong in choosing my friends? I love them all. I just wish they all were smarter. Ya can't cure stupid. Ya can't even teach it.